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Purrfect Care for Your Fabulous Feline

Rest assured while you're away.


Fresh Food, Water & Snacks
Litterbox Maintenance
Routine Clean-Ups
Plant Care (Inside)
Daily Text/Email Updates
Mail Stacking
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Regular Visits:  $25 per visit for up to *2 cats   
*$3 for each additional cat after 2
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    About  Us   

Cats are special. Placing them in kennels for long periods of time is not always the most ideal solution. DC Kitty Sitters has helped busy cat owners provide tender loving in-home care to their cats,  while they travel.


Whether you use our services daily, weekly, monthly or several times a year, DC Kitty Sitters can give you peace of mind. We offer playtime, routine clean-up, mail collection, inside plant watering, and general bonding time to break up the monotony of your cat’s long day alone. We also provide daily updates with pictures to assure you that your precious kitty is in good hands.

While most petsitting services cater primarily to dogs, DC Kitty Sitters provides care to cats exclusively. And although they can rarely be walked and don’t play fetch, they’re easy to care for and can be loads of fun!

Why only cats? Because they are man’s next best friend … and they’re fabulous!!

After you have reviewed our services, give us a call. Rest assured while you are away.

Tracye Flowers, Owner
DC Kitty Sitters


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Tracye C. Flowers

President & CEO


Washington, DC 20018

Tel: 202.258.4000


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